Lesbian Sex


Sex games for lesbian in many ways similar to the usual intimate relations of men and women. Compared to the sex heterosexual lesbian couples lesbian love is more emotional and vivid, sensual and passionate. But in General, the same fondling of erogenous zones, the same emotions and voluptuous cries, hugs and kiss, stroking of the body. Like heterosexual women,lesbian love fondling of the Breasts and nipples, clitoral stimulation. As for women straight, lesbian foreplay important, maybe even more so.

It is important to understand that lesbian love their partners as passionately as a woman can love a man, and often these feelings stronger defies the accepted description. All this and affects sexual life lesbian couples.

It would seem that the woman is missing the most important thing that is considered to be a tool to achieve orgasm the penis. It is a common misconception. The lack of penis in any way does not downgrade the intimate lives of women lesbian and sensuality and the power of feelings lesbian sex can compete with traditional sex. There are many positions that female couples are choosing intuitive, regularly having sex with his girlfriend. Often a couple fails to achieve simultaneous orgasm that is not always possible and opposite-sex couples.

Lesbian sex – a kind of complex system, advanced modern sex industry appliances, but even without all sorts of imitators and substitutes possible dizzying sex, eventualize the rapid orgasm. Many lesbians simply do not recognize the use of dildos,vibrators, vaginal balls and other devices, preferring to bring each other to the peak of pleasure solely in their own bodies. For many, it is a matter of principle, a psychological issue. The other category does not waive the use of sex toys and also believes that the best sex you can't imagine. Discover a small part of the known positions.

The fusion of bodies

The term “body rocking” means the “oscillating body”. The so-called lesbian sexual position in which the bodies of the two partners intertwine. When this one of lesbian girls lies on top exactly the same as the classic missionary, adopted from heterosexual couples. There's one significant difference: the process involved in every part of your body, everything vibrates and squirms and clits partners RUB against each other, causing the strongest sexual arousal, which often logically ends with a simultaneous orgasm. While wet genitals partners touch each other, stimulate, rubbing, girls caress each other's nipples, kiss passionately, cover with kisses his feet, hands, neck of the female partner, leading each other into ecstasy. Both feel inside here something is going to explode — so much excitement in this sexy position.


This sexy pose is loved by many lesbians, who do not recognize the sex master and slave, active and passive. In this position the girls are on an equal footing, at the same time reaching ecstasy and exciting friend. Partner cross their legs so that they resembled the blades of scissors, and genitals are pressed tightly to each other. From this position the term “scissor sisters”, which translated means sister-scissors.

Manual manipulation

The main agent and stimulator in lesbian intimate contacts are tactile sensations. Lesbians long stroke and caress each other's hands, gently or intensely, doing massages all over the body in the most intimate places, bringing their partners to a strong sexual arousal. When the partner starts to moan from desire, girlfriend gets fingers in her vagina and continues to excite. First, usually made of light manipulation, a gentle touch, which gradually increase, become more intense. So you can continue to the peak moment, until the partner orgasm. You can go to other forms to continue the game to a full sexual release. Such a sexy shape like not all girls are lesbians, it is a matter of personal preference for each pair.

The magic of Fisting

A more powerful means of excitation for those couples who like manual manipulation – Fisting. Many feel pleasure from penetration of the vagina fist partner. The word “kulak” was a term (in English “fist” “fist”).

This sexual practice requires extreme caution and delicacy, of gentleness and tact, as well as time. For the process to run correctly and properly, painlessly and without consequences, should be very cautiously introduced into the vagina of the lady palm, the fingers of which are impacted. Then, when the open palm is already inside, it can compress into a fist. This sequence of manipulations is able to deliver maximum pleasure to the woman, causing the internal injuries without pain. Fisting is a sexual form, in which the girl is a lesbian cries out in pleasure and enjoyment, is experiencing a strong orgasm and ejaculates.

Technique of oral sex

Most often two women satisfy each other oral sex. It is naive to think that oral sex is the only technique, which is used by lesbians to mutual satisfaction. But a big part of sexual foreplay has still to rimming and cunnilingus. Your lips and tongue caress a partner for all space bodies, not only in the intimate areas. Caressing tongue clitoris of the partner, the girl constantly changes speed, intensity, language stimulation, and occasionally breaks away from his buttons, so she cooled off a bit, gradually moves to the vaginal slit. Oral sex lasts for quite a long time, because two or three minutes is not enough for getting pleasure friend. Traditional sex men usually can not stand the right time, get tired quickly, believing that the time for enough foreplay. And only a woman can understand a woman, to give her pleasure, knowing all her feelings. A lesbians comparing oral sex, which gives them a partner, male oral sex, forever turn away from sex with men. Male affection seem faded and dull compared to those provided by the partner.


One of the most effective lesbian position 69. In this position without all sorts of devices lesbians reach rapid orgasm, is often simultaneous. During foreplay the partner can change positions, play, roll that gives them incomparable pleasure, as well as a sense of liberation and freedom. Appropriate here role-playing, experiments, combination. Particularly vivid sense of experiencing both partner's having sex in this position if it occurs in front of a large mirror and surrounded by mirrors, it is possible to consolidate the mirrors and on the ceiling. Most of the females in this orientation, the pose 69 – one of the most enjoyable and breathtaking. In the same way as during oral sex duration long sex.

Mutual Masturbation

When both partners are self-excitation, Masturbation, it is extremely exciting both. And usually this method is always used in combination with other forms of satisfaction. Girls are kissing, use “rocking bodies”, helping each other. Sometimes they masturbate themselves and each other, simultaneously stimulating the clitoris and vagina, while kissing and caressing tongue nipples of the partner.

Vaginal and anal penetrate

With this technique, apply a variety of sexy toys,strap-ons, Dildo. Sometimes girls use sexual accessories in the form of pants with rigidly fixed on them with the artificial penis. In this case, one girl takes the male role, simulating heterosexual sex, then another girl puts on panties with a penis and satisfy your partner. This technique not everyone likes gays and lesbians. But artificial phalluses, anal and vaginal balls lesbians love more than women geteroseksualki. But alone a real lesbian would never play with a vibrator, but paired with a friend.

Sex toys lesbians use anal and vaginal. They are individual and intimate means which do not allow friends and use only personally. After each use toys are thoroughly washed and sterilized. Artificial phalluses wearing condoms, sometimes with attachments, tubercles or tendrils. It all depends on personal preferences and tastes.

The beauty of lesbian sex is that in the process of sexual games between partners works the whole body without exception. The brightest orgasm from stimulation of any point of the female body. Every woman has her own features of a structure, its internal structure, and the lady feel great pleasure from looking at the body of the female partner's most sensitive points, the opportunity to please her. All the body of a woman-lesbians in certain circumstances is a solid erogenous zone.

Talking about lesbian sex, it should be borne in mind that usually sexual relationship between two women always assume a deeper connection than the physical. Therefore, in accordance with the psychological characteristics of gay women, such relationships can be long lasting and mysterious to outsiders, which is not given to understand.

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