Lesbian Types


In the modern world, people of nontraditional sexual orientation do not hide their preferences. Everyone has heard about gays and lesbians and I know that their relationship has a dominant partner and a passive.

However, they have a variety of classifications and categories. From a psychological point of view, lesbians are classified according to the following criteria:

- In childhood they realize that they belong to the female sex.

- At some point realize that they are attracted to girls and women.

- Lesbian dominated by either female or male features in appearance and character.

- They have the approach to the strong floor and know how to communicate with lesbian chat room.

These signs indicate that the girl is a lesbian, but they differ in types.

"Boy". This type of girls begin to experience sexual attraction at an early age, about 12 years. Surrounding call these girls "pacanime", as they spend more time with the boys and participate in all the fun. At this age, they begin to understand what special treat the other girls. Girls similar in appearance to the teenagers, adhere to mens style and gait. They combine femininity and traits of a young man. In a relationship with another girl, most often, they play an active role.

"Butch". Lesbians have 15 years you begin to realize that they don't want to be a caring mother, an affectionate wife and attractive lady. They try to be like men in bed and in society. In their environment, these girls used the pronoun "HE". Butch wears men's hairstyles and clothes, but avoid contact with strong floor, as it sees in them potential competitors. In ways, it plays an active role and tries to do everything for your partner so she got a kick out of his often forgets.

"Girl". The character and appearance of such a lesbian girls does not differ from peers, to the moment when she realizes his homosexual nature. They love spending a lot of time with her friends, kiss them, sleep together, cuddle, considering that it is a manifestation of a strong friendship. Girls give birth to relations with young people, but every time disappointed in them. During sex with guys they don't experience pleasure, so consider myself frigid. Very often, understanding that she's a lesbian comes only after the child is born. Initially, they consider themselves bisexual woman, but over time you begin to realize that they like sex only with the offices of the weaker sex.

"FEM". This gay always looks like an ordinary girl: loves to play with dolls, wearing bright clothes, do makeup. However, the adolescent begins to feel like a friend and she loves them. This lesbian loves jewelry, bright colors, tight clothes, she's the only one of his kind who likes to use cosmetics. In sexual relationships, prefers a passive role only.

"Dyke". These girls are universaltime. They always adapt to their partner, and can be FEMA and buchem.

"Not lesbian ". Some girls build relationships with young people who like to have sex with them, they are not attracted to other girls. However, one day she may fall in love with a woman who is a lesbian, most often it is Butch because it is this type of natural seduces the ladies.

"Real bi". Today, a lot of women that entails, as the stronger sex and the fairer sex. Causes bisexuality may be set. Most often, these ladies can't decide who they like. Also there are girls who are only interested in a sexual relationship, and no matter how floor.

It is important to understand that a lesbian cannot be fully attributed to a specific type. It can be combined features of different types of lesbian chat room.

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