Seven Stereotypes About Lesbians


1. Hate is a strong gender

That gays and lesbians are sexually attracted to women, does not mean that they are bitter rivals and have mutual antipathy. On the contrary, at least one common interest is even able to lead a heterosexual and "non-traditional" lady.

2. Do not respect the Church, if not soulless

Representatives of many faiths and the most ardent religious fanatics often proclaim their hostility to sexual minorities in General and lesbians in particular. However, back when the phenomenon is not: the person's attitude to faith does not depend on his gender preference.

3. Want to become men

People who want to change their sex are called transsexual. And such a desire comes with the sincere sympathy of one lady to another. Some prefer pink "boy" haircut and the clothes of unisex type, but again this is not to say that they are prepared to reincarnation.

4. Don't love their partners, relationship based only on sex

For some reason many believe a homosexual relationship between bisexual women is only a manifestation of desire. With time it should fade and then the abyss. No. By analogy with a pair of M + W "non-standard" Union can also be short-term or long lasting based on love.

5. Look formulaic

In the view of most people in the lesbian community is korotkometrazhka, a strong woman, not knowing cosmetics and nail Polish, dressed in a male shirt and jeans. A stupid stereotype.The girl who chose same-sex love can look like anything. Communicating with business business lady, a giggler, a student or a humble teacher would not even suspect that to him It.

6. Aware of their orientation only after the first night with a woman

Another misconception. Heterosexuals don't necessarily need the closeness to feel attracted to the opposite sex? Here, too, with their preferences pink girls are determined long before sexual debut.

7. Able to become "normal"

The myth that sexual orientation can be changed, gave rise to a false idea of the possibility of selecting the objects of their physical thrust.

Many believe that lesbian couplea. is enough to surrender to a man, to become "all." Of course, that's not true. No matter how hard the young man if he cares for the girl, loving their own kind, then 99% it's not going to happen. The libido wants what it wants.

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