How To Analyze Homosexuality Rationally


1. You should not say "homosexual" and "gay."

If even relatively recently people committed to homosexuality, called homosexual or homosexuals(gays and lesbians), now Homo-propaganda imposes on us the concept of "gay." But if the term "homosexual" (from ancient Greek ὁμός – "the same", and Latin sexus – "sex") is crucial, borrowed from the English slang word "gay" ("cheerful, carefree", and more recently understood also as the acronym for Good As You – "like you") does in fact not explain is the ideological clichés.

Substituting the terms Homo-propagandists try to spread in society the attitude towards homosexuality as the norm and guilt for the past, in which this attitude was not.


2. Homosexuality is found in animals, so it is natural.

This argument Homo-propaganda uses to prove that homosexuality is not "sin against nature". Indeed, homosexuality occurs in the animal world, but is it not the norm.

Besides, how valid is the analogy between human and animal? So, the female spider eats the male after mating, and sometimes... instead of mating. How many will dare to say that this is as natural for humans?


3. Homosexuality – the norm, as it has existed throughout history.

What, for example, murder, cannibalism, pedophilia accompany the whole history of mankind, yet no one was forced to regard them as the norm of human existence. Even become habitual Vice does not cease to be Vice.


4. The relationship between gays is much higher than among heterosexuals.

In fact, homosexuals as a whole, according to experts, is 10-15 times more likely to commit a change of sexual partners, which in itself casts doubt on "the hill" of their sexual life. Man, to allow himself homosexual behavior, gradually allow yourself and more, condemn traditional morality. So, representing just two percent of the population, homosexuals commit more than a third of all acts of pedophilia.

Homosexuality is often accompanied by emotional problems, chronic depression, suicide attempts, disproportionately high statistics of venereal and infectious diseases.
Adoption by homosexual couples of children leads to the fact that they grow with personal problems.


5. Homosexuals account for 10% of the world population.

This erroneous data identified by Alfred Kinsey, has been repeatedly refuted by serious research, according to which the number of homosexuals ranges from 1 to 3%. However, Homo-propagandists called five times inflated figure for pressure on public opinion and to engage in same-sex "experimentation" uncertain youth.


6. Homosexuality is an innate sexual orientation.

Homo-propaganda convinced society that homosexuality is given to a bisexual people from birth, like skin color, and because the media can not be condemn for it. In fact, congenital homosexuality is an exceptional phenomenon, as rare as a congenital physical deformity. In all other cases, homosexuality is the cause of mental illness and mental disorder.


7. Psychiatrists do not consider homosexuality a disease.

Such a statement appeared recently in psychiatry, the result of ideological pressure, but not as a result of changes of scientific concepts. Until recently, medicine is clearly recognized homosexuality a mental pathology.
People who say: "I have friends gay and they are not psychos like", a mixed mental disorders with insanity. But the media manic-depressive psychosis are not treated in hospitals, and others do not see them as "psychos", however, the problem of suicides on the basis of the disease that does not disappear. It is known that the disease does not cease to be a disease if to declare it is a normal variant.

It is incorrect to reduce the pathology of homosexuality only to the field of psychiatry. Is the function of the rectum has changed over the decades and its damage have become to be considered a natural? Do multiple infections've stopped hurting suffering from sexual vices?

But the most terrible disease are not mental and physical damage to people suffering from sexual perversions. Pride, resentment, sadness, fornication does not harm the body and the mind, but destructive to the human soul. Sins in the area of the floor of the ungodly, God calls it an abomination.


8. Those who oppose homosexuality are homophobes, intolerant people.

Homo propaganda is very serious refers to those who resist it, easily and categorically labeling them "extremist", "fascist", "bigot", "homophobic". It's a brand, throws the opponent out of the circle of "decent people", discreditied in advance what he was going to say, forcing him to defend himself and his views. With this rhetorical admission of any person or group expressing their disagreement with the program of the lesbian chat room are enlisted in the category of "haters", and it doesn't matter whether they call for the killing of homosexuals or academic form of defend the view of marriage as a Union between a man and a woman.


9. Homophobic – it's just hidden homosexuals.

The last time Homo-propaganda declared homophobia (from ancient Greek ὁμός – "the same" and φόβος – "fear and hatred") is a manifestation of latent, i.e. hidden, and suppressed homosexuality in themselves. It is a widespread cliché seems pseudo-scientific and modern, but if you think about the assertion that love and despise something — so secretly love it, is simply absurd. Also it would be absurd to argue that people have an aversion to cannibalism, is a latent cannibal.


10. Gays are only fighting for their rights.

It is significant that, having achieved in many States of Europe and America the right to lesbian sex marriage with the upbringing of children, the holding of processions, military service, occupation of the highest posts of the Homo community is not going to stop there, expanding the rights of the minority at the expense of narrowing the rights of the majority. Homo-propagandists, loudly calling for tolerance, do it organically incapable, demanding punishment for what they have defined as "homophobia".

In countries that legalized the practice of adoption of children by pairs of homosexuals, followed immediately began discussing the legalization of pedophilia, as presented by its defenders is not a mental disorder and a particular sexual orientation, along with heterosexual and homosexual. On the same grounds demand the legalization of incest, necrophilia and bestiality.


11. Homosexuals – the engine of progress, many great men were homosexuals.

Based on their assertion that "homosexuality borders on genius" Homo-propaganda easily attributed "non-standard sexual orientation" to various figures of history and culture, even for no good reason. It is sufficient if a died in the distant past man was not married or called someone in a letter to "dear friend". The others simply declared to be latent homosexuals, due to his suppressed homosexuality and created something great.


12. The Church hates homosexuals.

Themselves Homo-propagandists called the No. 1 enemy of Christianity, related to homosexuality clearly negative. Not incidentally homosexual community has provided the Church a constant pressure by requiring it of the consecration of same-sex unions in the Sacrament of marriage. Exclusion from Church sacraments of homosexuals was interpreted by them as a manifestation of hatred, pointing to Christianity as a "homophobic religion", which should be changed or banned.

To better understand the Church's attitude to the issue of homosexuality, you must know that Christianity teaches to hate the sin, what it is, of course, believes sodomy, and lesbian love man whose soul is sick and needs healing from sinful passions. Sufficient evidence confirms the possibility of complete deliverance from this sin.

Considering theses distributed Homo-propaganda, we clearly see that its aim is not so much declared "the protection of the rights of" sexual minorities, as the desire to subjugate society to their ideology that celebrates on the podium gratification of lust and is intolerant of treatment, in addition to enthusiastic.


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